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The New Message comes with the will and power of God to unite the world's religions, end our ceaseless conflicts and call forth the greater gifts that each person has brought into the world. The New Message is the largest Revelation of its kind ever to be given to humanity. It is here to warn humanity of its two great challenges coming to the world—the challenge of the Great Waves of change and the challenge of contact with intelligent life in the universe.

God Wants You to Know

Learn of the New Message from God. You do not know enough yet to question this or to dispute it, for to do so is merely an expression of your ignorance, arrogance and vanity. You must consider the New Message. You must hear the Messenger to know, to see and to understand.

For on your own, without the great endowment of Knowledge, you will not be able to see, to know and to understand. Your behavior will be determined by others. And you will follow fear and not wisdom in your approach. Humanity had not progressed that far. But you now have a global civilization—diffracted, conflicted, destructive, heedless and irresponsible, but it is a world community nonetheless.

It is a direction that was always intended, but it will be new for the people of the world. It will be new to your understanding.

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The Great Revelations from the Creator are always like this. They are always presenting a new reality, a new awareness, a new dimension and a greater promise. But even if you were raised in another tradition, if the New Message is your calling, it is your calling. There is none other. You cannot invent your calling if it is to be genuine and authentic.

It is your calling. This is what it looks like before it is adulterated, corrupted and wed with other things by people and turned into a political tool or used by religious institutions to establish their power and their dominance. This is what a New Message looks like in its pure form.

It is clear. It is powerful. It requires great things of people. And it gives great things to people. It has not been watered down to be acceptable to the masses. It has not been socialized so that it is socially acceptable. This is the real thing. You must be genuine in order to see it and to respond to it and to receive the power and grace that it brings into your life.

For though the Messenger is human and fallible, he brings with him a Message that is beyond human invention and that is without error, conflict and contradiction. Tony Grillo. Debbie McClain. Pray 8. John Russ. Pray 9. Charlene Mccoy. Pray Comment 1.

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