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It started at 0 and now there was 50 alone.

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They told me something bad would happen, If I let my curiouslity grow. The Night. Athena: Queen bee and so much more. Athena the goddess of Wisdom and War,To me the "queen bee" of Greek life and more,A virgin woman warrior, strong and superior is she,A natural representation of what women is to me. Snow in October.

From the Sun. Helios always said that he would one day write a book Of all the things that he witnessed in a day. Up in the sun chariot he watched and he took Notes on too many tales to relay. Inspired By Family. As she stared into the mirror It became clearer, as she walked nearer There were cuts on her thighs The monster told her lies She saw the mask she wore She did not know who she was anymore.

The Code Entrepreneur. A master programmer, No coder like her, Arachne, the code entrepreneur. She weaves new sites, pictures and videos with delight, a sight to satisfy one's appeitite. Acts of Kindness Ballad. Black Lungs. I hate that I need you, I crave and have to have you, I love when I taste you. You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties So DON'T be surprised if your life seems contrived. Since the invention of the airplane, There was no end to his migrane.

Ya know I hardly choose to Fantasy vs Reality in the Immigrant. I have come to this world thinking I'll live a luxurious life and everything is fantasy. Thinking life would be easy because of America is as bold as if it holds millions of gold. Leaving London I Can Understand Why Cos Things Aren't Safe On Streets At Night MORE Gunfights As Children DIE The year is and the world is modern. Most have lost the beilef that the world is flat, though some still often wonder.

We account for illness and celestial beings with science. Changing Scars. The Unknown and the Girl. Come close, for I have a story of a monster to tell you. In the world among us lurks a shadow of black It slithers through the woods and soars around clouds. All the small things. When I was a child I had dreams of great feats. Dreams of big things, with the ones I would meet. I stargazed and wondered, how my life would turn out.

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Unsure of my future,. God of the Seafood. God of the Sea, an old being and title, something that he used to be A powerful trident in hand, trnasformed now into what we most commonly see A fork, yes a fork, that metalic bond of power in the times of hunger.

That Was Then. Truth of Time. Does time bug you to your nerves? What more can you do that's absurd? Oh surly time is not curling around your every move because time is just a sign away from the truth.

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Lost Ampelos. My dear Ampelos, To him we say adios. Lost in the tragic days of yesteryear— A proud boy with no fear. He hitched a ride on a wild bull, Set the tides of faith on the pull. All From My Bed. Who's the Monster?

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I used to swim by Scotland's coast. Gliding carefree, quiet as a ghost. It's the serenity I miss the most. They called me the Lochness Monster. They'd run away when I would splash. At Underscore Infamous. Bragi The SoundCloud Rapper.

Why does God hate me?

Bragi the bard, a name well known. A voice and skill so graceful, it could reach any tone. His soundcloud success, has gotten him far. His talent best exhibited when his fingers grace a guitar. Boy to King. Because a man didn't cover his wound, because he let his blood drop, that cause himself and his wife to drop. Into a pyre, Returning one to the earth, and another to the fire.


Deep er End. My, my in who possibly could Poseidon be?

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From guardian of the sea to directed in scenes, Not too bad since Jason Momoa is the man of MY dreams. Undesirable Men. There were two men Pirithous and Theseus Known around town As sexual deviants.

Secret Identity of Chupacabra. It is a merciless beast according to those who speak, Preying upon lames, upon sheep. It watches from the bushes in the cloak of night. Appreciation of One's Self. Hello, I will change how others create. A man A poet the one whom will put thoughts together I am a stoic.

Micah Gayman She's overwhelmed with emotions often when she feels hopeless drowning in her depression who saves her when there is no savior? The gun goes off The sound of thunder rushing through my ears Adrenaline running through my arms, hands then feet Sour and sweet. Fearing the Name. I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,. He wants the one whose Whistle blew,To lynch him and to beat him blue.

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His Fall will come and Soon and Swift. We will soon have a Seismic Shift. The donald then, will be exposed,He. Zeus, Tinder Pro. Zeus, a player, god of Olympus, user of Tinder? Alas a new age the gods will not hinder to the age of tech, love, and splendor. The gods above get hip to the trends.