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Even the tobacco in the cigarette that you smoke? These can all serve as a great starting point to finding your ideal scent. Search for fragrances with those notes like the ones you love in your other products. Jeong said.

Resources like this can be invaluable when discovering what notes you are drawn to, and finding other scents that include them. Linda G.

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Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation , suggested you might want to think about tailoring the fragrance to your environment. A sexy musk might be more suited to a night out than an office environment. Lighter floral or citrus might be more welcome in a professional environment than a woody or spicy one.

If you are drawn to vanilla, spend some time exploring fragrances that feature other gourmand notes like honey, candy or chocolate before you jump to something totally different like fragrances heavy in citrus or aquatic notes. The most crucial part of finding your new favorite fragrance is, of course, trying it on. Spray it on a pulse point where your skin is naturally warm, like your wrist or elbow, so the fragrance will really heat up and reveal itself over time.

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Most people buy a scent off the first impression — within seconds! As to why scents sometimes smell completely different on two different people, Ms. Yang said that fragrances are sensitive to light and heat, and even your own personal body chemistry, diet and hormonal levels. Your environment also plays a role in how your skin smells.

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  • Jeong explained. Rubbing the scent creates heat that will break up the molecules faster. You can accidentally speed up the scent journey and miss out on the delicate dance of its true reveal. If multiple trips to the mall to sample new fragrances sounds exhausting, keep in mind that department stores have small sample vials behind the counters ready for you to bring home — all you have to do is ask. Even if you do not require them now, they will be good to have as your business expands.

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    Besides the base rent, consider all costs involved when choosing a location. Does it cover the cost of building maintenance, utilities and security? If the location is remote, you may also want to factor in the additional marketing costs it would take to enable customers to find you.

    Modifications, such as painting, redecorating and renovation also cost money. One way to get help in determining how much rent you should pay is to find out what similar retail businesses are paying.

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    • For sensitive computer equipment, check how many hours of air-conditioning are included in the terms of your lease and see if negotiations can be made. If you plan to work in your store, think about the time it will take to get there from home.

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      If you spend much of your time travelling to and from work, the commute may overshadow the excitement of being your own boss. Population Demographics Find out if the majority of the human traffic in the area falls under your targeted consumer base. Competition Alternatively, you can save on the cost of location analysis by looking at where your competitors are.

      Visibility Make sure your shop front is visible from major roads and can easily be located.

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      Amenities Accessibility is vital. Communication Another consideration is the availability of IT infrastructure.

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      Location Costs Besides the base rent, consider all costs involved when choosing a location. Personal Factors If you plan to work in your store, think about the time it will take to get there from home. Related Articles. Pride of Singapore: Forbes 30 Under 30 Pride of Singapore: Tech Gamechangers.