e-book Color and Culture: Black Writers and the Making of the Modern Intellect

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Two London based black women of Nigerian heritage navigating the complexities of life. Join us as we discuss everything from work life to dating and all the in between. Hear their discussions about moving to New York, living in New York, being single and dating, social media, pop culture, and so much more. Drawlin iOS - A podcast hosted by childhood friends from Philly discussing an array of topics covering relationships, sports, and the current status quo. Duolystic - Google Play - soundcloud - Two gemini's with like minds merging together to provide what is honest and true in a world that is fake AF.

Ebony Domme Duo Podcast anchor - Two NYC females discuss their journey of being female supremacist, unapologetically black, kinky as fuck, in a male privileged society S is a monthly podcast where four millennial men reflect on their lives; discuss various life experiences and their ups and downs with adulthood. Their goal is to create a safe space and open up a dialogue so that others could learn and grow with them. Pull up and be a fly on the wall in our group chat! We Black. We Natural. We litt!

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Long live GHOE! Simply sit down comedians that are too lazy to stand up! Like NPR, on poppers. For Colored Boyz - linktree - A black-ass, queer-ass sociopolitical commentary on America. Straight out of Philly. For Us By Us iOS - A monthly podcast by two friends who banter on everything and nothing from the black, female, millennial, diaspora experience. From da Bottom speaker - Our show is about two friends more like brothers who talk about the craziest things.

We joke about everyday questions, memories, and sports.

Our podcast is mostly a comedy but sometimes we do have serious topics to discuss. Plus we have a guest on from time to time in order to spread the love of podcasting around. From Lagos with Love soundcloud - A podcast for the culture. Irene is single in DC usually turnt up somewhere on the weekends.

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And Shell's is a married mother of 2 living in the Chicago suburbs. We talk about everything ranging from Ellen Degeneres Yes, we LOVE Ellen , politics, and race relations in America, to sports, music and other random happenings in the world of pop culture and current events. Haitian-ish Podcast soundcloud - iOS - Spotify - Hosted by Sebastien and Grace, two first generation Haitian-Americans, chatting about the things they love, the gossip they need, their stories and life in general!

Grab a glass of wine and parle avec nous! Hanging with the Homegirls podbean - iOS - Spotify - An entertainment podcast where two friends talk about life, hot topics and the struggles of adulting. We give you our unfiltered opinions on We talk about how to balance your life. The answer, you can't! But you can "Harmonize". Nothing is off limits!!! Join Be.

Heaux is Life Stitcher - iOS - Spotify - Hailing from The Bay Area aka the best place on this entire planet and the surrounding planets as well , they are here to destroy white supremacy, smash patriarchy, slut shine and revolutionize sexual education one funny ass podcast at a time. Most importantly, they want you to get ya head outcha ass and join them in having a good time with good discussion and the best damn tea in the tri-state area. A glass of Hennessy goes a long way. Current Events minus the bullshit.

Innocent Thoughts anchor - Being educated is not bougie.

Talking proper is not white. Using a condom before sex is not uncommon. Natural hair is not nappy. Join them as they dive into their complicated often times ridiculous thoughts. Keep the Change Podcast soundcloud - iOS - Two New Jersey natives navigating the end of young adulthood through unabashed conversation. Highlighting pop culture, sports, politics, and the realities of being an adult, the podcast demonstrates that change is inevitable but comradery is what you keep! Frequent guests add flavor to the show by spotlighting their personal journeys and thoughts on life.

Listen often and join la familia! Loose Lips linktree - Loose Lips Podcast features three twenty-something girlfriends delivering their bold controversial opinions and relatable conversation from their lips to your ears. We talk about everything from pop culture to health and wellness. While having convos about controversial topics, we show that minds can meet in middle sometimes.

Melanin Boulevard - iOS - Spotify - Just two around the way girls spilling truth and laughs in your ear every Thursday!!! MNOpodcast linktree - Mandy and Ollie are two friends discussing life and culture. They can discuss anything from A-Z, but usually end up somewhere in the middle Nice To Meet You soundcloud - iOS - Spotify - A podcast of conversations with friends and strangers where we talk about life and lessons learned along the way.

The hope is that this podcast will help you learn more about yourself as you meet people through these episodes. They argue, fight, and then figure out a way to agree in the end. No matter what, they give you the sometimes moronic, mostly ironic perspectives of todays topics. Join D'jzhai, Rudy, and Markus as they shamelessly tackle the issues that plague us all.


25 Black Scholars You Should Know

We are four Nigerian women with interesting opinions and a shared disgust for ignorant comments about our continent. No, not the country! As a result, we have decided to create a platform where we can tell you more about us rather than letting disney channel and Nat Geo Wild do it for us. This is the podcast about everything your parents and school forgot to teach you about LIFE! From our young love mistakes to current events, we are on a mission to share it all with our Richly Melanated folks out there. Podcast About Nothin soundcloud - Ambiguous Podcast about all things culture.

Predominantly music, film, and sports surrounding our communities culture is what we cover. Sip on something, buckle up, and Trip with us. Join Money and Nikeeta, two Black Queer Troublemakers, on this biweekly podcast celebrating our lives, loves, and laughs. QueerWOC is a space for queer women of color rooted in reimagining healing and community. Listen each Wednesday as NatoyaEbony and Adrianna Cool hilariously and honestly talk bad decisions and mistakes in hopes to recover from it all. Not girl talk! Say What Now? We cover everything from Beyonce to Black Lives Matter.

We're real people having real conversations about real life! I share my opinions about society, pop culture and current events. Shtty Adults iOS - The podcast about being a garbage millennial and how to overcome being garbage. So did we! Listen to our musings on pop culture, life, love and whatever comes up on the other side of the Rainbow.

Pastoral, Pragmatism, and Twentieth-Century American Poetry - A. Mikkelsen - Google Livros

Funny, Unapologetic and Smart. This is NOT for the sensitive and small minded. Which makes for a hilarious and no holds barred conversation. Watch new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday. So from anime to activism, we'll speak on it! Spit Sessions soundcloud - iOS - Google Play - This podcast is the result of two friends deciding to come together to discuss an array of topics. Any episode may include insight on everything ranging from politics, social norms, and issues regarding race, to music, and food preferences.

Spilled Milk linktree - This podcast is pretty much a open diary Demi and Dakota discussing everyday issues we deal with growing up in this world today. Conversations between two friends on life, love, relationships and everything in between. Stuff I Don't Like : An Irreverent Look at Modern Society - Stuff I Don't Like is a talkshow style podcast that discusses current events, societal ills, and everyday millennial drama in a breezy, humorous tone with a variety of guests. Stuck In The Middle Pod castbox - Spotify - 2 Black Men in Iowa talking and tangent-ing about the last in pop culture, music, sports, black culture, and more.

Each episode the ladies give anecdotes about their lives, the world and relationships over drinks. The episodes are easy to relate to and will keep you laughing.