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She escaped with a Dutch woman and made her way home by following the river back. Really good read.

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She was a tough woman. She was captured at the duck pond which is on the current campus of Va. Tech campus. It was originally Draper Meadows my husband and I visited this site several years ago. A true story well written, it later became a film.

Jenny Wiley is my 5th great grandmother as well. My father is very interested on our family history and knows a great deal about this amazing woman. She was also my 5th great grandmother. When she escaped she had an Indian baby by Chief Benge which makes us all part Cherokee. Was not aware of a movie and if anyone knows the name please write me on fb or email me any information on her. DNA testing reveals no Cherokee blood in our family line. I think that may have been a myth. Jenny Wiley was my 5th great aunt and her sister Catherine was my 5th great grandmother.

I knew my family was related to her by all the stories told about her. My cousins relayed through Facebook how far removed we are from her …. Could you please list the names of the books or email me so I can read about her. I love this kind of history. Also the name of the movie if you know it. I would appreciate if you could e mail me a list of books about Jenny Wiley.

The family used to have one but it has been lost. Jenny Wiley is my 4th, Great Grandmother. She had Miranda and I come down through the Smith line. I have done much research on her and also have some family papers. There are so many different stories. It is hard to know which is right. I do know that Henry Skaggs, the long rifleman, was the man who helped her across the Big Sandy. If it were not for the Skaggs family, I doubt that I would be here, no, nor none of my kin!!! Sally Perry Smith, we are directly related! A lot if folks will debate this!

Jenny Wiley

I know the truth!!! We have Cherokee in us, the whole famil bares the resemblance! She was my 4th great grandmother as well. Would love to get more information. Can anyone tell me if they have any connection or information they can share… I would love to know I have more family out there!!!!

I saw where u said your mother was a fry My grandmother was fry.

DARK HILLS TO WESTWARD: The Saga of Jennie Wylie by Harry Caudill | Kirkus Reviews

I know they lived sometime in logan w. Jenny Wiley was my 6th Great Grandmother through Jane her first daughter after her rescue. I also come through the Williamson line. Jane married Richard Williamson. Their son, Aden Williamson married Clarissa Marcum. Their son, Joseph Williamson married Sally Ray.

Their daughter Polly Williamson married Lace Marcum. Lace and Polly were my Great Grandparents. My mother Bernice Noel Kirk, is one of 9 sons and 4 daughters born to them. My parents, Fred and Bernice Kirk had me and my sister. I would be very interested in communicating with any decendents of Jenny Wiley. I am also related to Jenny being my 6th gr great grandma. She married first I believe a Messer. I live in Wayne co WV not far from where My gr gr grandparents r buried and about a couple hours maybe from Jenny Wiley. She was my 5th great grandmother,4 g grandfather was Hezekiah Wiley.

I have heard stories about the Cherokee Indian lineage, but have also heard it was not true. Jenny and Thomas were my 5th great grandparents.

by Harry M. Caudill

We are very proud to have had such a brave, strong lady in our ancestry. Her father and my father were bothers. Although, the story is very similar. I, too, am a descendent of Jenny Wiley and her daughter who married Richard Williamson. Their son Wiley Williamson married Letitia Cook.

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I wonder if there is a recorded account of this story from the point of view of the Native Americans, who fought a losing war against the Wiley family and the rest of the white horde who ripped off the land that had been theirs for centuries. Oh well, history is written by the victors, I guess. No one but who are born descendants of the Indian Baby she supposedly had are Cherokee from that line. We sure have a lot of relatives. I taught Appalachian History one year and my students read her story. A brave woman.

Some of them may also be related. I was very young when I cut the ribbon that opened the trail at the end of the Portsmouth Bridge. I noticed people kept talking about the books written about Jennie Wiley. So nice to hear about family!! I live near Jennys Creek in Wayne Co. Wonderful history, I have visited her gravesite near the Jenny Wiley park..