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Mathie on behalf of the Homeopathic Research Institute corresponds exactly with the findings of the NHMRC review of There is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is specifically effective in any clinical picture. In a press release dated This is probably the reason why such a decision — now after several years — does not exist. The existence of the complaint was confirmed after a long back and forth, but neither the HRI was the complainant nor was the text of the complaint ever disclosed.

Even petitions in Australia and England called for their disclosure. At the end of August then somewhat unexpected happened — the disclosure of the draft by the Australian health authority. Among other things, he writes:. There have been a number of enquiries about the draft report and requests for its release. I am aware of ongoing community interest in the content of this draft report, and that a substantial body of misinformation has grown up about it.

To address this misinformation, an annotated version of the draft report will be made available on the NHMRC website. So the draft was the first — deficient — collection of material done by an external contractor — and no longer. Ultimately, the accumulation of these shortcomings has been the deciding factor in abandoning and restarting the project. As you can see, it is basically an exaggeration to speak of a draft report at all.

Very simple — or even not. Color lottery: Black is valid, blue not, red is the color for cherrypicking? To top it all off, you also ignore the accompanying remarks, which prove why the original statements were not usable? More transparency? Nearly impossible. One thing should be noted at this point. A systematic review is an overall view of many studies or — as here — of many previous reviews under methodical and statistically comparative evaluation of the work involved.

Why not?

So wirst du KOPFSCHMERZEN in nur 5-MINUTEN los!

Anne Kelso, the general director of the NHMRC, becomes even clearer in her official statement on the publication of the draft after all, this is the statement of the head of a high-ranking institution of the Australian government :. The draft of the unfinished report, titled The Effectiveness of Homeopathy: an overview review of secondary evidence i. A second reviewer was contracted and provided an overview of published systematic reviews and a review of submitted literature.

The document I am releasing comprises the draft report in its entirety, with annotations that have been reviewed by the previous Chair of the Homeopathy Working Committee. These annotations have been made for context and to avoid misunderstanding of the draft report. One should only be aware that the threshold for the establishing of a veritable conspiracy theory would be finally crossed by that.

For the lack of evidence for homeopathy: nothing at all.

There would be ten instead of eleven major systematic reviews to prove this. We wish a good journey. Open letter of the INH to the interview with Dr. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn declared yesterday, He cited the comparatively marginal costs compared to the total expenditure of the SHI funds, i.

There are undoubtedly only bad reasons for Mr. We will see how politicians and other groups react. We, for our part, feel obliged to respond to his decision in the form of an open letter to Mr Spahn:. Information Network Homeopathy We clarify — you have the choice!

Komplementäre Verfahren in der Schmerztherapie

From your statement of In our opinion, you are basing your decision on an aspect which is ultimately irrelevant and which has never been or is the subject of scientific criticism of homeopathy. However, the reasons underlying the demand for an end to reimbursement and ultimately the questioning of the property as medicine of homeopathic products are quite different and far more important. With your decision and its justification, you give room not least to an increasing hostility to science and facts, the effects of which you then try to recapture elsewhere with a compulsory vaccination.

We would like to draw your attention to neighbouring European countries such as England, France and Spain, which are clearly scientifically oriented and unimpressed by the protest and demagogy of the homeopathy lobby.

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In these countries the responsible authorities proceed according to the clear scientific findings and in the sense of patient protection. From there, some initiatives for an amendment of the EU Medicines Directive are launched in order to end the false attribution of medicinal properties to homeopathy at this level. How should Germany position itself in this discussion? As an organisation that has played a leading role in the discourse of science-based criticism on homeopathy in Germany since , we feel obliged to make these comments.

We regret your decision and cannot follow it. We will continue our criticism and continue to pursue the goal of giving homeopathy the role that is appropriate for it: that of one of the many methods that are well-known, partly popular and will certainly remain available, but which are specifically ineffective and therefore cannot be the subject of legal privileges and health care in a public solidarity system. The above Open Letter is an opinion of the Homeopathy Information Network, but it is open for co-signature by all those who share the positions expressed therein. Richter on Pixabay.

In the meantime, the Spanish government has initiated a wide outreach against pseudomedicine. The EU Medicines Directive does not regulate in detail how exactly the member states deal with homeopathy in health care. However, it does fix two key points: It includes homeopathy in its definition of a medical drug and obliges the states to regulate a simplified registration procedure for homeopathy instead of the usual drug approval.

If one seriously wants to dispute the status of homeopathic medicinal products and thus their privileges , one cannot completely ignore EU law. Spain knows that. At various levels including that of the government , there are efforts to achieve a revision of the EU directive on medicinal products in the field of homeopathy. These efforts need support. We do not have such resources, but we do have the facts. And who knows — perhaps one or the other national government will even join Spain and become active in the EU?

In many countries, this insight is now gaining acceptance. The misguiding of the public that homeopathy is a form of therapy expressly recognised by the legislator and therefore endowed with the credit of efficacy and harmlessness may not be continued. This special legal framework has no objective justification, as the EASAC — as official advisor to the EU institutions — clearly stated in its statement of In the interest of a science-based, honest and patient-oriented health policy, also on behalf of the German Consumer Association e. You can inform yourself about the scientific status of homeopathy on the multilingual website of our association: www.

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Karin Maag, member of the Health Committee of the German Bundestag, has recently spoken out on several occasions against the reimbursement of homeopathy by the statutory health insurance funds. She did use a number of arguments which, in the opinion of the INH, require clarification. Mail to: karin.

We have learned from the press reporting that in the discussion about the reimbursement of homeopathy by statutory health insurers you have clearly positioned yourself against plans to abolish it. At the same time, however, we can also see from this reporting that you are apparently not sufficiently informed about the aims and arguments of the scientifically based critique of homeopathy and that you also argue in part outside the context of the problem. We, the Information Network Homeopathy, raise awareness since that homeopathy is a sham therapy that has neither ever been able to provide valid proof of efficacy nor to eliminate the incompatibility of its basic assumptions with scientifically proven principles.

There is a broad consensus on this in the scientific world. Against this background, we also see the discussion on the reimbursability of homeopathy by statutory health insurance funds. And against this background we also contradict the thesis that there must be a coexistence of homeopathy and science. Either one recognises the relevance of the scientific evaluation of homeopathy — then the consequences are obvious. The core problem lies in the fact that the current reimbursability strengthens the public reputation of homeopathy, which is scientifically and, in our opinion, also unacceptable from the point of view of health policy.

It lends additional credibility to the already widespread misconception among the population that homeopathy is a well-established form of therapy, which at any rate must be regarded as equivalent to scientific medicine. Part of this misconception is that homeopathy is wholly or partly identical with naturopathy. But nothing could be more wrong than an equation of homeopathy and naturopathy. There is no doubt that the public has not yet been sufficiently informed about all this.

A solidarity community such as the statutory health insurance needs an intersubjectively defined framework whose criterion is the general advantage. This framework is guaranteed by evidence-based medicine, which requires proof of efficacy of means and methods based on recognised scientific methodology. The explanations for this have been known for a long time, but they have nothing to do with the specific medical effectiveness of homeopathy.

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These are contextual effects of various kinds that occur with any kind of treatment, often even with pure attention. We even see in this one of the central dangers of the application of homeopathy. On the question of reimbursability in the statuary health solidarity system, the cost aspect plays a completely subordinate role, if at all. Medicine is what has been proven to work beyond contextual effects. This defines the boundary between necessary, appropriate and economic care — the object of health insurance according to the social law — and what belongs to the realm of subjective, personal well-being.

Which everyone may use for themselves on their own responsibility and at their own expense. We therefore consider it a reversal of the facts to refer insured persons who rightly reject homeopathy as a medical method to health insurers who do not offer their reimbursement.

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It is therefore in the interests of the solidarity community that the health insurance reimbursement, which suggests a medical significance of homeopathy, should not be continued. It would be even more desirable if homeopathy were to be deprived of its special status in pharmaceutical law, which exempts it from scientifically based proof of efficacy. It is by no means a question of banning homeopathy. For everyone who wants to use it — informed! We are therefore convinced that the well-understood patient interest requires a correction of the decision per reimbursement.

Of course, regardless of the clear facts, this is also a political matter of balancing rights and interests.