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The fire burned among them and it destroyed the edges of the camp. In the camp near Sinai mountain, they had obeyed God completely. They complained often, too. But already they had begun to complain. The text does not tell us why they complained. Perhaps they were tired. But they did not trust God to look after them. This first time, God sent fire to their camp to show that he was angry. When the people saw the fire, they were afraid.

They asked Moses to speak to God on their behalf. Moses did this and the fire stopped. But the list does not include Taberah.

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However, experts think that it was probably near Kibroth Hattaavah see Numbers They wanted to eat meat very much. It cost us nothing. Also, we ate different types of vegetables and fruit. We ate the fruit called melons. We ate the vegetables called cucumbers, leeks, onions and garlic.

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It was pale yellow. They made flour from it. Then they boiled it and they made thin biscuits. We do not know why these foreigners came. Perhaps some of them were slaves who wanted to escape, too. But they did not know God. They complained because they had no meat. God was providing food for them every day. They had plenty of it.

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It tasted good. But on this occasion, the people wanted to eat different food. They talked about the different foods that they had eaten in Egypt. But they did not talk about the bad things that had happened there!

They were not grateful that God had rescued them. They did not thank God because he gave them food. Instead, they complained about it! But the people did not enjoy it because they wanted other things to eat. But the people had changed.

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They had become greedy and selfish. There is a lesson here for us. Nothing can satisfy people who are greedy and selfish. They are unhappy because always they want more. We must remember to thank God always for everything that he provides. We must be grateful for the good things that we have.

They were crying and they were complaining. Moses heard them. But you have given this problem to me! It seems as if I have done something to upset you. You have made me responsible for all these people. However, you asked me to look after them as if they were babies. They want meat. But I cannot get enough meat for all these people. This job is too difficult for me. Otherwise, my life would have achieved nothing! But Moses did not want to be their leader still. He felt that God had given to him too many responsibilities.

He was desperate. So he prayed about the matter.

And he told God about how he felt. Moses had obeyed God. Moses had led the people out of the country called Egypt. But he realised that he could not do the work of a leader alone. He felt that he was failing as a leader. And he was so desperate that he asked God to let him die. God answered his prayer.

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But God did not let him die. God did not expect him to do all the work of a leader without any help.


So God would provide the help that Moses needed. God would tell Moses what he had to do. They must be men whom the people respect. I will give to them some of your authority. And they can help you. They can share the responsibility for my people.