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Yes praiseing God in advance! I am believing and expecting the unexpected for me and my family, my city, and my region. Thank you for this word and giving us a boost of faith. Business to start growing, increase of book sales, homes for me and my sister, her kids to have a great school year, for my sister and I and my son have our true given spouses to come in our lives! Yes, I love God with all my heart, mind and soul, and I going to expect great things from God for my family.

Judy, you r rt on time. This is my time. So be it Lord and pour it on, more than I can think or imagine. Heavenly Father thank you for this word. I believe and I receive the unexpected.

How To Walk in the Fulfillment of Your Prophetic Words

Thank you I take it, it is mine. In Jesus name I receive this word.

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I want to testify to Gods Greatness in my life so his Glory is known. I prayed in for family Salvation from Islam and 1 brother now is saved! Hallelujah Jesus!

“Who am I? Who am I to you?

A couple that happened to come to my church after the lord told them to leave their home church just for a season donated their Toyota Venza to me in July 21st After that 2 weeks later they told me they went back to their home church. They said they didnt know why the lord at first told them to leave their home church for that season but it was for them to bless me and they were being tested by the lord n being obedient.

I have so many testimonies I can share Lol! A child!

A home! Even A Dog after the ones I had to give away because of the enemy that is after my peace n Joy but Satan I say this again! Thank you lord! Praise the Lord! I receive this prophecy in Jesus name and I expect the unexpected. Do whatever you wish to do in through my life and my family Lord Jesus, we are yours! As we are believing him for the exceptional to happen. The atmosphere this morning feels different. I will continue to trust the process and expect the unexpected with suddenly!!

Thank You! And moving forward to see what the end is going to be! I am ready for a new season!! God be praised and highly lifted forever.

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I receive it all by faith. I expect a creative miracle in my body and that of my children; I expect my children to be filled and completely drenched in the Holy Spirit and be ministers to the nations; I expect a mortgage-free home; I expect the Lord to get me and my husband out of debt, give us millions and a business to use for His glory; but most of all, let our faith and vision be lifted up to the level of that of my Father.

I receive this word decree and declare it over my life and my childrens. Thanks again stay blessed. I receive this!!!! My body healed, my marriage restored, baptism of the Holy Spirit and Gods call on our lives. Abundantly above all I could ask or think. Yes lord! This is my confirmation I ask for! Thank You Sister Judy for your obedience! Thank You Father God!

I hear You Lord! I give You all the glory!! I am willing to expect the unexpected. My eyes are upon Him. Will rejoice in Him daily. Greetings from Holland, love you in Christ Jesus. Jan Heeren. I receive healing in my body. I receive prosperity for all my children ,My husband and myself. I receive the power of God to minister to and heal others. I receive happiness.

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In Jesus name Amen. I need my faith increased daily to hang on. I know God is working in my life but I still have some rocky times. I am a fourth generation Pentecostal and still believe in the God I grew up with. Please pray for me and my daughters! Wow, just wow! I so needed this Word today. I felt an immediate correction in my spirit. Thank you! Powerful Word. The Lord is most definitely speaking this word over my life and into my heart right now. Each time I am blessed to read one of the prophetic words on this site, it resonates with my spirit and I get the encouragement and empowerment that I need to proceed on my journey.

I cannot wait to join the mentoring program. A person like means has a hard time finding a consistent source for leadership and development, but I know Pastor Judy crossing my path is divine. Every word is always straight from Heaven to me in very strategic and significant ways.

Yes this is a confirmation from the Lord.