Manual The 7 Utterances of Christ on the Cross

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Note however that forgiveness comes before salvation. This is the whole essence: man must respond through repentance to receive forgiveness and be saved.

Sayings of Jesus on the cross

If you have not, then take this opportunity and ask Jesus into your heart right now! He will then bring you into His family. Rejection is hard and painful. God can and will heal you and comfort you if you have been rejected by men. We should try to please God more than we try to please men.

Because of our need for recognition, we often try very hard to impress men. People compromise mostly because of the desire to please those in their circle.

Christ's 6th Utterance upon the Cross | SermonAudio

It is better to be rejected by men and be accepted by God than to be accepted by all men and be rejected by God. The love of God will never depart from your life. His presence will keep you and you will flourish; he will give you joy and peace at all times, in Jesus name!!!

He was missing the fellowship He had with the Father. How thirsty are you for the things of God? Energy is released for the accomplishment of your dominant thoughts. What are you thirsty for; beer, sex, money or righteousness? Jesus said I thirst. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness … this thirst is healthy. Those who hunger and thirst and ask get filled. Thoughts become reality.

Old Testament

Do you see your emptiness or hunger or lack as an opportunity or a problem? Your emptiness does not mean God has forsaken or forgotten you or that it is over; it is an opportunity to get filled. At the wedding in Cana of Galilee, the wine finished, the pots were empty and they informed Jesus. He immediately told them to fill the water pots. Learn to present empty vessels before Him at all times and He will fill you up.

It is perfect!

The Last 7 Words of Jesus: A Lenten Meditation

Nothing can be added or subtracted. He completed the task.

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It was painful but He finished. It stretched Him but He finished. God is looking for finishers. Many start but only a few finish. Apostle Paul finished.

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God is ready to invest anything on a finisher. The other implication is that He worked to His maximum potential as a man. Most people function below capacity. Most people are grossly under-utilised. They are not ready to be stretched. They easily settle for the easier way out. They want short cuts. The deeper you tap into your resources, the higher you rise. The more you stretch yourself, the farther you go. To rise higher than others, you must be prepared to do more than them.

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In narrow context, it is for the Roman soldiers who placed Him there; in broader context, all who are involved in the crucifixion. Since when is ignorance a basis for forgiveness? Can men be saved because they are ignorant of their condition? Can men be forgiven without believing? The answer lies in observing how this request was fulfilled.

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One of the features of the life of Christ is to see Him in a very human situation with a corresponding display of dazzling power. He was born in the feeding trough of an animal; and at the same time, the heavens were filled with the singing of angels. Lazarus died and Jesus wept; He then spoke and a dead man came forth. The words were screamed by Jesus, not merely spoken.


Being forsaken was not new to Jesus. He had been forsaken by family John , by friends Mark , by shallow followers John , and so recently by Judas. All of this was bearable because He had the unfailing support of His heavenly Father. Now He has arrived at His deepest suffering—the abandonment of the Father. Until this time, the pain had been largely physical; now it is spiritual. If objective, it means that God the Father actually abandoned the Son.

The latter is the truth.