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The young man's costume is significant. Instead of dressing the figure in the elegant finery worn by most subjects of the day, Gainsborough chose knee breeches and a slashed doublet with a lace collar—a clear nod to the work of Anthony van Dyck, the 17th-century Flemish painter who had profoundly influenced British art.

The painting first appeared in public in the Royal Academy exhibition of as A Portrait of a Young Gentleman, where it received high acclaim, and by it was being called "The Blue Boy"—a nickname that stuck. Henry E. Huntington — purchased The Blue Boy in for the highest price ever then paid for a painting.

By bringing a British treasure to the United States, Huntington imbued an already well-known image with even greater notoriety—on both sides of the Atlantic. Before allowing the painting to be transferred to San Marino, art dealer Joseph Duveen orchestrated an international publicity campaign that "rivaled those surrounding blockbuster movies today," said McCurdy.

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They depict composer Karl Friedrich Abel ca. The Blue Boy undergoes its first major technical examination and conservation treatment in public view, in a special satellite conservation studio set up in the west end of The Huntington's grand portrait gallery. The Atlantic takes readers inside the massive, two-year museum effort to conserve The Blue Boy, Thomas Gainsborough's famed 18th-century portrait. X-rays of 'Blue Boy' and 'Pinkie' and other British masterpieces reveal ghost images and the choices the artists made while painting.

So The Blue Boy is a big deal. A blue-themed musical companion to the Project Blue Boy exhibition.

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Slide Title. The brightly decorated space provides members with professional quality art supplies and instruction from our experienced full time Staff. Daily Projects: Members are welcome to come and go from the Art Studio during open hours. Our Studio Coordinator organizes and implements a new project every day after school and during school vacations. National Fine Arts: National Fine Arts is a year-round program that encourages artistic expression among Club members ages through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.

From Boys to Men: The unearthing of a poorly structured identity

The 35th, if you are keeping score, is Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth. Dionysiac , an anarchic exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in , featured fourteen artists, and every single one of them was male. The Whitney Biennial of , organized by the Italian curator Francesco Bonami, included 55 artists, of whom just over half were women.

Why do women still get so little attention and credibility at the top echelons of the art world? To answer that question, it helps to untangle historical concerns and contemporary ones. Women were not admitted to art academies and denied apprenticeships. They were excluded from social circles that led to advancement or patronage. They were also unable to participate in life drawing classes until the 19th Century; even after that the models had to be draped.

All of that has ended — but the image of the artist as a solitary male genius that arose from those circumstances is still with us. MoMA, to its credit, knows it has a problem, and it has been trying harder. It recently published a major catalogue, Modern Women , accompanied by a feminist symposium at which the Guerrilla Girls appeared.

Its photography department mounted an excellent exhibition, Pictures by Women , which charted the history of the medium through over images. In the last year the museum has put on small shows of Alina Szapocznikow , Carol Bove , and Dorothea Rockburne , and next year will see a delayed, extremely exciting retrospective of Lygia Clark, the Brazilian sculptor. All of this is welcome.

But a much larger shift is required before MoMA, and all of our institutions, can start building a culture that reflects the whole of society.