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We've shown a few charts of Aspen in this analysis. The first is a long term chart that shows the long term uptrend that comes in at R The third shows the recent trading action in Aspen more clearly. We're seeing the current weakness in price as an opportunity to buy the stock for the medium term. In terms of our strategy here, we want to see a clear reversal from the current area to confirm a buying opportunity.

Whether this happens from the R area or the R area we cannot be sure, but we believe that the stock is in an area where it presents a medium term buying opportunity. The key is that we will wait for a reversal to give confirmation that buyers have taken the upper hand. We will then set a stop loss some way below the reversal low.

Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about) - Los Angeles Times

We'll look for a rally back up towards the 50dma at R Keep in mind that this stock can go into sideways trading bands for lengthy periods of time occasionally, and it is quite possible that we're in one of those sideways bands right now. The 50dma has turned slightly downwards which is indicative that the medium term trend has turned sideways for now. As winds down, Trump has increasingly sought to highlight his accomplishments during his first year in office. Those include a series of victories in the U.

After another morning at his Florida golf club, President Trump visited firefighters and paramedics at a West Palm Beach firehouse on Wednesday. He later praised the rescue workers in a tweet:. During the visit, Trump also praised his own performance as president, including with a false boast. In a tweet on Tuesday, he predicted that the stock market would have another successful year, too:.

Trump notched a major legislative achievement last Friday when he signed a bill enacting big tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans and more modest reductions for other families. Still, much of the healthcare law remains intact, and the sign-up period for the various options was carried out as normal this year. Ron DeSantis. In August, he proposed a time limit on funding for the probe. Trump endorsed DeSantis for Florida governor last week, though the year-old congressman has yet to officially enter the race. President Trump will celebrate Christmas the way millions of Americans do: surrounded by family, the White House said.

Trump planned to spend his first Christmas as president at his estate and private club in Palm Beach, Fla. The White House did not say which family members would be with him at Mar-a-Lago, but the first lady and their son, Barron, arrived days before the president joined them last Friday. The president made a similar statement last month during a ceremony to light the national Christmas tree. On Sunday, he shared a video clip of his remarks:. It will soon be replaced by the war on North Korea.

President Trump launched a Christmas Eve attack on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whom he accuses of favoritism toward his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, and also returned to a longtime favored theme, excoriating the news media for failing to sufficiently extol his accomplishments. Trump, spending the holidays at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, also sent Christmas greetings to deployed military personnel, praising them for success in the fight against terrorism.

McCabe, who has been a lightning rod for Republican attacks on the FBI, is expected to retire early in the new year. Critics say the president and his allies are in the midst of a systematic campaign to denigrate the FBI and special counsel Robert S. In a pair of statements on Twitter, Trump again expressed scorn regarding news coverage of his administration. For months, the president has been particularly critical of reports regarding the Russia investigation and more recently has repeatedly complained he does not receive enough credit for a booming stock market.

After a year of legislative fits and starts, the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress can claim victory on an agenda of tax cuts, judicial confirmations and a substantial regulatory rollback. The successes, however, have come at a steep political price. That is incorrect. Democrats held a California seat. Trump had boasted before the Senate race about a scorecard this year. The donations came from Virginia Gov. Trump cited as his source Fox News, but the only two FoxNews.

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President Trump on Friday morning signed a sweeping tax-cut measure — his first major legislative achievement — before heading off for a Christmas vacation at his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla. The president also privately signed a short-term spending bill to fund government operations through Jan. Congress approved it Thursday , after Republican leaders were unable to bridge differences in their own party as well as with Democrats to get agreement on funding for the full fiscal year. The stopgap bill punts fights on immigration and other issues to January.

The president said Friday that he originally planned to sign the bill early next year, but moved it up on the spur of the moment after watching morning media coverage of the legislation. But some in the GOP worry their party could face a political backlash without an aggressive public relations tour. Trump, meanwhile, continued to send mixed messages about his desire to work across the aisle. Only about 1 in 3 voters have supported the legislation in recent days, according to several polls.

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About half of Americans believe the plan will hurt their personal finances. Democrats countered with a list of 32 corporations — among them Home Depot, Pfizer, T-Mobile and Mastercard — that have announced billions in stock buybacks, which, along with higher dividends and executive bonuses, are more common responses than wage increases from companies with new cash. Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions against North Korea on Friday in response to the latest launch of a ballistic missile that Pyongyang says is capable of reaching anywhere on the U.

The president made the endorsement even though DeSantis has not officially jumped into the race to replace Gov. Rick Scott. Scott leaves office in early due to term limits. DeSantis, a U. Navy veteran and graduate of both Yale and Harvard, has represented a northeast Florida congressional district since He planned to run for U.

IJ Applauds Texas’ Proposal to Stop Denying Security Licenses for Unrelated Criminal Convictions

Senate last year but dropped out of the race after Marco Rubio decided to seek reelection following his unsuccessful presidential bid. At that rally, Trump urged voters in the neighboring state to vote for Roy Moore, who had been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct.

Several large corporations publicly announced pay raises or new investments immediately after the final House vote in an apparent public relations offensive to boost the popularity of the tax bill. That came as House Republicans early Thursday unveiled a new, stripped-down spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and allow quarreling lawmakers to punt most of their unfinished business into the new year. GOP leaders are scrambling to rally some frustrated Republicans behind the measure, particularly defense hawks who had hoped to enact record budget increases for the Pentagon this year.

The National Assn. Home sales were last this strong in December , when properties sold at annual pace of 6. The strong demand for buying homes is a sign of an increasingly vibrant economy after a steady, eight-year expansion. The unemployment rate has fallen to a year low, while more people in the millennial generation appear to be forming their own households and looking for places to buy. Yet the demand has done little to resolve an increasing vulnerability of the U.

Now he ends the year on a high note, though one that comes with a big caveat. It means jobs — jobs, jobs, jobs. The tax bill, which Trump will sign in coming days, comes with potential political costs. Instead, nonpartisan analyses say millions will lose or give up insurance as a consequence of ending the individual mandate. Trump ceded drafting of many of the details to congressional Republicans, and the result was a plan that largely hews to GOP tax-cutting orthodoxy: It mostly benefits corporations and high-income individuals, on the bet that economic growth will mean more jobs and higher wages for lower-income Americans.

The House and Senate passed the sweeping GOP tax plan on near-party-line votes as congressional Republicans moved to give President Trump his most significant legislative victory of the year — one that has come at a steep political cost. Senate approval shortly after midnight Wednesday fell along party lines, 51 to 48, with only Republicans voting yes.

Republican Sen. John McCain, who returned home to Arizona as he fights brain cancer, did not vote. Other provisions of the healthcare law will remain in place. Republicans have been rushing the tax bill to passage — Trump also tweeted congratulations after the House vote for what he has called a Christmas gift for Americans — but it ran into a last-minute problem in the Senate. Some small provisions, including one pushed by Sen. Fixing that glitch will require an unusual additional vote in the House, which was quickly scheduled for Wednesday, before the bill can be sent to Trump for his signature.

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Republican leaders say the overhaul, which is centered on a huge cut in corporate taxes, will spur economic growth and become more popular once it takes effect, a point also made by Trump in a pair of early-morning tweets:. Nancy Pelosi D-San Francisco , who insisted in that the Affordable Care Act, passed with only Democratic votes, would become more popular once Americans experienced it. President Trump disputed a Washington Post report that he had discussed rescinding the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch earlier in the year.

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Richard Blumenthal D-Conn. The strategy, which White House officials have spent months drafting and Trump wanted to roll out personally, is based on four pillars: Protecting the homeland by restricting immigration, pressuring trading partners, building up the military and otherwise increasing U. It describes the major threats facing the U.

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In his remarks Monday, Trump also took time to praise the Republican tax bill, which GOP leaders are rushing to pass this week. In contrast to President Obama, who emphasized global cooperation and alliances, Trump sees the U.

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Those countries are seen as being antagonistic, trying to tip the global status quo in their favor by expanding their spheres of influence beyond those set after the end of the Cold War. President Trump celebrated another record day for the U. The Dow Jones industrial average advanced The previous record for the number of all-time-high closes in a single calendar year was set in , when the Dow notched Stocks have made hefty gains as the GOP appeared to shore up enough support to pass the tax bill; congressional Republicans are scheduled to start voting on the legislation Tuesday.